6 Incredible ShapeScale Features for Muscle Building

The Must-Have 3D Scale for Fitness Tracking

It’s one thing to keep active, lift those weights and pay attention to what you eat, but tracking is the other side of the story.

Fitness tracking is an essential part of getting fit and building muscles. You have to continuously follow the progression of your body to reach your fitness milestones and adjust the steps along the way. However, we all know it’s not easy to find the right methods of tracking since most will not provide you with all the necessary data.

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Yet we have some good news for you: ShapeScale will.

Muscle Building Responsibilities

Building muscles requires you to pay extra attention to some factors. For instance, hitting certain macros in your diet and exerting your muscles. In terms of your macronutrients, it’s typically suggested to go high on protein, like the Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition says too. For muscle exertion, you can either go in the high repetition or the increased strength directions. See Men’s Fitness’s arguments for both.

You also have some serious tracking responsibilities to effectively build those muscles. While ShapeScale doesn’t track your diet and workout (check out the best apps for this type of tracking), it tracks relevant body measures. These measures can help you to identify whether your diet and workout routine are going in the right direction.

These measurements include:

– Body Girth Measurements
– Overall Body Weight, Fat, and Lean Mass
– Localized Lean Mass & Body Fat
– Localized Volume & Difference View

Besides the hard data, ShapeScale also provides you with valuable visuals, like the Photorealistic 3D scan, the Heat Map, and the Difference View. These features will take your fitness tracking to the next level.

So let’s see how exactly does ShapeScale correlate whether your efforts are yielding results with its”hard data” and through visuals.

#1 Overall Body Weight, Fat, and Lean Mass Measurements

Tracking your body weight is not very useful without body fat and lean mass information. This is why we strongly recommend tracking these metrics as well. Knowing your overall body fat and lean mass can be a great starting point to understand whether you are gaining muscles or getting toned at all. However, you won’t be able to tell where exactly you have made the gains. Nor will you know which targeted exercises are showing the best results.

Bulking often comes with a certain level of body fat increase, however, the ultimate goal is to keep fat gain at the minimum. Not seeing exactly where your body fat percentage has raised and by how much makes it somewhat more difficult to evaluate your bulking diet’s success.

Additionally, as you look into the mirror you probably get an overall picture of how toned you’re, but definitely can’t see if your right triceps has 1% higher lean mass than your left one. Yet, it’s actually quite common that one side of our body is stronger than the other. And what’s even more frequent is that we emphasize certain parts of our body over others. As a great example, many of us tend to neglect building muscle legs and end up with “chicken legs”.

Unfortunately, no fitness tracker, bathroom scale or body fat monitor provide you with such data that would help to overcome muscle imbalances.

#2 Localized Body Fat and Lean Mass

ShapeScale on the other hand provides you with localized body fat and lean mass measurements. These help in understanding your body composition. You’ll see how and exactly where your fat and lean mass are distributed.

These localized measurements will then allow you to evaluate your diet and also to stress the more problematic parts of your body. You’ll be able to focus on areas where your body fat percentage exceeds the target. Seeing exactly how your body reacts to different dietary plans will provide you an advantage at effective bulking. This’ll help to minimize fat increase.

Furthermore, you’ll also get a clear picture of any potential muscle imbalances. This data will then enable you to change your workout routine in a way that lets you achieve a more balanced physique. The illusion of perfect symmetry is not an illusion anymore. 😉

Which Workout Plan Will Get Me Ripped?

There are tons of strength workouts that promise the dream body, no wonder it’s hard to choose. So which type of exercises, resistance level, repetition or entire fitness program should you go for? Well, the thing is that only your own body knows the right answer.

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Personal trainers and several trials will of course, eventually reveal the best exercise routines for your body. However, getting there can be extremely demotivating. It’s definitely not a pleasant surprise to complete a 4-week long fitness plan and don’t see any muscle growth.

Try, Compare, Choose

Constantly monitoring the changes in your body with ShapeScale will warn you if a workout plan wasn’t made for you. Getting a comprehensive and fast feedback on how your body reacts to different exercises will allow you to experiment without the risk of wasting several weeks of hard work in the gym. This will lead you to find the right workout plan faster.

#3 Multidimensional Body Girth Measurements

As you would like to gain muscles, you’re probably familiar with the body measuring tape. Keeping track of girth measurements is crucial to identifying the overall growth of specific body parts. Furthermore, it’s an excellent feedback on which segments are improving the most.

However, taking your circumference measurements manually is an extremely tedious process and it’s not even a one-person job. Of course, you can measure your own self, but it’s quite difficult and the human error factor is further increased.

Quick and Useful Girth Measurements

With ShapeScale you’ll finally be able to take your girth measurements alone. It’ll also improve accuracy by reducing the human error element and will ensure consistency with the automatic recording of your data.

Additionally, ShapeScale will also overcome the one-dimensional aspect of girth measurements. Manually taking these measures only provide you the ability to compare one data point e.g. the peak of your biceps. On the other hand, ShapeScale will measure the growth of all points across a certain area. In other words, instead of taking just one circumference measure at a certain data point, ShapeScale takes 1000 measurements.

#4 Localized Volume and Difference View

To further increase the meaning of and attach visual representation to circumference measures, ShapeScale gives you a volumetric measure and difference view too.

The volume metrics will not only tell you that your right arm’s biceps increased from 11″ to 11.8″, but also that its volume has increased from 3.1 L to 3.28 L. The Difference View will then visualize these changes and truly show the progress of certain body areas. This will also enable you to spot muscle imbalances and overcome them in time.

#5 Specific Goal Setting and Heat Map

It’s easy to fall out of track because your goal setting method is not right. It’s becoming common sense to set so-called SMART goals, which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. However, as easy as it sounds is to mess this up.

Set SMART Goals and Follow Your Progress

With ShapeScale’s goal setting feature, you’ll be able to set highly specific targets, like exactly how much wider you would want your shoulders to get. ShapeScale will then set up a realistic time-frame for you by which you should achieve your “Shape Goals”. It’ll also calculate a progress percentage to tell how close you are to reaching this ideal state.

Furthermore, the Heat Map feature will highlight the areas where you’ve been growing and shrinking to visually represent your fitness journey. This knowledge will empower you with the ability to precisely track how your body is corresponding to certain exercises. Additionally, you’ll see whether your diet should be reconsidered and if some areas of your body lack attention.

#6 Photorealistic 3D Scan and Timelapse

Motivate Yourself

Motivation is an essential part of staying focused. Not seeing your body progress can easily make you lose it. Surely you are not sweating hours for no results. However, the development of your body is not always visible to bare eyes.

This is where ShapeScale’s time-lapse feature comes in the picture. It’ll provide you with an excellent visualization of how your body has been changing over time. You’ll be able to see your hard work’s pay-offs. Even if it’s not an enormous change, it’ll still be a great motivation to keep you going. Finally, when you reach your transformation goals, you’ll be able to export the time-lapse video to show off the gains to your gym buddies or share it with your Facebook friends.

Last but not least, ShapeScale will provide you with an unbelievably photorealistic 3D image of yourself. This avatar version of you is 360, and so lets you check the progression of every inch of your body. Zoom-in, zoom-out, spin around, do whatever you want with the mini-you to see the reality of your amazing work, your muscle gain and how your muscle definition has been changing.

Fitness tracking is not an easy, but a necessary component of reaching your muscle gains goals. It’s easy to lose focus or to fall into hidden traps of unreliable and incomplete tracking methods.

ShapeScale’s localized body fat and lean mass measures will help you to better understand your body, get over muscle imbalances and make sure you’re following the appropriate training and bulking plans. It’s ability to precisely measure your circumferences in less than a minute will keep track of your tangible gains in a consistent and accurate manner. Most importantly, ShapeScale will take you beyond numbers with its Heat Map and Difference View by visualizing where exactly changes have happened. Lastly, its time-lapse feature and the Photorealistic 3D scan will further improve your visual understanding by giving a real picture of your muscle gains.

It’s right, you’ve just found the ultimate fitness buddy that will help you get ripped.

Lilla Laczo

Lilla is a content writer and community manager at Shape.