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The Fitness Gift Guide For Fitness Buffs

Our Buyer's Guide for Healthy Gifts from as little as $5

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The holiday season is fast-approaching and you are scrambling to find gift ideas for your friends and family.

One thing is clear, they love their fitness. In that case, Team Shape have got your back!

We have meticulously searched the web to make this your one-stop shop for fitness gifts.

Stocking Fillers

Balega Socks

Price: $13.00

The perfect gift for your running buddy. The Drynamix moisture manager allows the free movement of airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry. The fabric also creates the ultimate barrier defense against blisters.

Body Glide

Price: $4.99 


Perhaps not the most luxurious or exciting gift to receive, but your loved one will definitely be thanking you once the situation requires it! Glide is an anti-chafe/anti-blister balm.

Buff Headbands

Price: $11.95

Buff has an array of headbands for all occasions. Their products can be used for skiing, running or the Yoga Studio. The headbands wick away sweat to keep you comfortable while you workout.


Price: $8.87

We all have that one friend that never seems to remember their passwords. This stocking filler is ideal for those that forget the combination to their gym locker. Try making the combination your name, so they don’t forget!


Price: $22.95

Previously featured in our Ultimate Tracking Guide, we love the Fitbook. Anyone that plans on setting a New Year’s Resolution Fitness Goal will love this book to document their journey and keep themselves accountable.


FitDeck Cards

Price: $14.00

Make exercise more convenient and fun. Shuffle the cards and create your own custom workout. There a number of different exercises to choose from.

ClassPass Card

Price: $50.00

Struggling to think what to get your fit-friend? A ClassPass voucher may not be the most exciting present to open but they will love you for it.  Give them access to 1000’s of fitness classes in 39 cities.

Digital Scale

Price: $24.95

The Fitlosophy Food Scale will help keep you on track to achieving your goals. It is true what they say, your dream body is 20% exercise, 80% diet.

iPhone Fan

Price: $8.00

It seems corny but you could ensure a quick cool down during a hard workout with the plug-in fan. Of course, you could also just take some epic windswept selfies with the iPhone attachment.

Clif Bars

Price: $14.00 (12 pcs)

Treat your friend (or yourself) to a Clif’s holiday-themed energy bar. You can try out their Iced Gingerbread, Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Mexican Hot Chocolate or Regular Hot Chocolate. Go on…. give in to the craving. 


Fitness Gifts Under $50

Yoga Mat Bag

Price: $40.00

You will be the envy of all your friends when you walk into your Yoga or Pilates class with your “Home Is Where My Mat Is” carrier bag.

Travel Press

Price: $34.95

The Travel Press by Espro is designed so that you can brew your favorite cup, seal it and throw it in your bag. The Travel Flask has tonnes of great reviews “Best coffee cup I have bought yet – Period” 


Price: $25.00

TowelMate comes with 2 different sides, Gym & Skin.  Never again will you wipe your face with the same side of the towel that you used to clean a piece of equipment. There is also a nifty “germ-shield” pouch to store belongings.

Muscle Box

Price: $22.99/month

The gift that keeps on giving. Muscle Box run a monthly subscription service which will provide you with all kinds of fitness goodies. For example, in The Miss Muscle Box, you may get healthy treats, shakers, shirts and more.

Mentors Book

Price: $17.99

Although this is not directly fitness -related, I am sure many of you know how Instrumental Tim Ferries has been in the world of fitness and health. His book offers “short life advice from the best in the world.”


Gifts For Gym Lovers <$75


Price: $59.00

One less thing for your gym bag! Mobot combines a foam roller and a water bottle to make more room for other necessities. Choose from an array of funky colors such as Special OPs and Juicybot.

Men’sHealth Bag

Price: $59.99

Men’s Health would not brand a product unless they truly believed in it. This bag comes with a water-resistant base, a side entry shoe compartment and padded shoulder straps. Plenty of space for all your gym necessities. 

Solar Backpack

Price: $65.90

Perfect for the adventurer. The backpack has a removable power bank that allows you to charge any USB-powered device wherever you are. It also contains a Hydration sack. Let’s hope for some sun.

Fitbit Zip

Price: $60.00

Although it has been around for a while the Zip is still a great gift. It allows you to continue wearing your current watch and track your calories, distance, and number of steps. Simply clip it onto your clothing.

Sling Shot

Price: $55.00

The Sling Shot mimics the natural movement of the body. This gives support for the eccentric and concentric phases of the bench press.  This can greatly reduce stress on the shoulders, elbows, and chest. You can often lift more weight too.


Fitness Gifts Under $100


Price: $85.99

This may look like an iPod Shuffle, however, the Mighty plays your Spotify music without a smartphone. It pairs with Bluetooth headsets and has a storage capacity of over 1,000 songs.

UA Sleepwear

Price: $79.99

The UnderArmour Sleepwear allows you to recover faster by incorporating bioceramic materials. This “absorbs the heat emitted by the body and reflects it as far infrared (FIR) back to the skin,” reducing inflammation & regulating cell metabolism.  


Price: $99.99

Do you work a desk job? Or find yourself slouching? This can detriment your health in the future as it rounds your shoulders. You need to get the UPRIGHT Pose. Turn it on, attach it to your back and get immediate feedback on your posture. Let’s alleviate that back pain.

Flex 2 Bangle

Price: $99.95

If you already own a Fitbit Flex 2, why not buy a stunning bracelet accessory for your fitness-obsessed wife, girlfriend or whoever else. The bangle is bound to make them smile. Look classy with 22k Gold Plating and still track your fitness.

Lumo Run

Price: $99.99

This little device clips on to the back of your running shorts & it will give you all sorts of analysis on your running style. 8/10 customers claim to run faster or for longer durations from using Lumo.


Gifts For Fitness Buffs $100+

Captain America Plates

Price: $177.95

Create the ultimate home gym with these Captain America Bumper Plates. These 25-pound bumper plates are fit for an Olympic bar. Are you as strong as Captain America?

GoPro 6

Price: $499.99


This brand needs no introduction. It is the latest in the GoPro family and still a very suitable gift for anyone that loves action and adventure and capturing the moment. 


Price: $349

Of course, no Christmas wish-list would be complete without ShapeScale. ShapeScale is the ideal present for someone looking to kick-off a health and fitness campaign next year. The only difference is, with ShapeScale, you will stick to your resolution.


Price: $129.00

BaseBlocks will be loved by anyone looking to get into calisthenics. The uprights are removable and can be secured for easy transport.  You can perform over 50 exercises that target all muscle groups, including L-sits, dips and handstands. 

Motiv Ring

Price: $199.99

A Business Insider representative said it is “The first activity tracker I actually want to wear all day, every day.” The ring is waterproof up to 165 feet and will track your heart rate and total weekly activity. 


There are some amazing health & fitness products out there and these were just 30 of our favorite fitness gifts.

We hope you have got some new ideas from this guide and you treat someone to a great gift. 

We also have a roundup of our favorite wireless earphones which make the perfect gift for a runner or a great gift for gym lovers.

Let us know in the comments if you think you will purchase any of the products or if you have any of your own suggestions.

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Charlie Farmer

Charlie is content writer and community manager at Shape.
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Spartan Race Training Plan
Our comprehensive training plan provides you with 30-days of exercises right up to race day!
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