Why Michael Kuech Built Superfoods Company Your Super

20 Minute Fitness Episode #96

This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast’s  ‘Why I Built This’ show, we are honored to introduce you to someone with an extremely inspiring and empowering story: Michael Kuech, the Co-Founder of Your Super. Once an aspiring pro tennis player, Michael’s life took a dramatic turn when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Fortunately, he managed to recover and one of his secret weapons turned out to be a daily dosage of superfoods, “prescribed” to him by his partner Kristel De Groot. Eventually, all of this inspired the two of them to found Your Super, a direct-to-consumer nutritional supplements company.

If you would like to learn about the full story of how superfoods actually helped Michael through his hard times and why Your Super is very different from your typical nutrition supplement company, then you should definitely stay tuned!

The Your Super team was kind enough to surprise all our 20 Minute Fitness listeners with a special offer. Use the 20MinuteFitness code and get 15% OFF your Your Super order! 

Three Things You Will Learn

1) Superfoods At Your Super

Even though superfoods only got hyped in Western societies a couple of years ago, they go a long way in the Eastern world. These ancient veggies and fruits are extremely high in nutrients and have been used for decades as alternative medicine by different cultures.

Maximizing their benefits and making them easily consumable, Michael and Kristel decided to combine various superfoods and create 7 different powder mixes. Each of them is a functional powerful mix that brings different health benefits to the consumer. With only one spoon a day, you can get all essential fruits & veggies in your diet.

Their Forever Beautiful Mix is, for instance, supercharged with anti-oxidants and aims to nourish your skin. While their Power Matcha Mix is a great alternative for coffee as it will boost your energy. Listen on to hear about the other superfood mixes they have for you!

2) The Your Super Ingredients

At Your Super, we only meet with superfoods in powder form, which might make you wonder whether they give you the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruits and vegetables? The answer is that superfoods don’t just give you the same amount, but actually a lot more. 

As superfoods are dried and shredded, which count as very minimal processing, they don’t lose from their nutrient content. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables lose nutrients as soon as they leave the ground and you also never really know whether the ‘fresh’ label in the supermarket really means something. 

Taking it a step further, all the Your Super ingredients are strictly organic, non-GMO and come from the highest quality sources. Michael and Kristel make sure of this by actually visiting every single farm where they source their ingredients from and by running lab tests on everything they put in their mixes. 

Press play to hear why the Your Super founders put such a high emphasis on sourcing from the right places and why they’d like to educate people to read the labels before buying anything in a grocery store!

3) Outlook On Our Future Health Trends

According to Michael, it’s not a surprise that people are becoming more and more receptive to superfoods. He sees that while in the past everything revolved around convenience, today we are simply not willing to make a choice between convenience and quality. People have become more health-conscious and “force” brands to create products that excel on both ends. 

As brands recognize that trends move in a healthier direction, they offer a greater variety of high-quality options. Which in turn further pushes people towards a healthier lifestyle. And Your Super is ready to stand at the forefront of these changes by sharing knowledge and educating people about the benefits of a more plant-based diet. 

Tune in to hear more about how Michael sees the future of our nation’s health and in what ways Your Super will educate people to eat more plants!

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Lesley George

Lesley is a content writer and community manager at Shape.
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