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Become a ShapeScale Advocate and Make $$$

Make some $$$ by successfully referring your friends

Hey Shape fans,

This blog is all about our advocate’s program. In case you were not aware, here at Shape, we want to reward people for sharing us with their friends and family. We also want to say thank you to anyone that purchased ShapeScale after finding out about us from a friend.

That’s is why we created our advocate’s program.

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Fit-Tech Feature Of The Week – Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

Following on from the big Apple Launch Event, it was definitely time to feature an Apple product for our Fit-Tech Feature Of The Week post.

This blog post is particularly relevant as Team Shape have just announced our latest giveaway “The Battle Of The Wearables

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Spartan Race 1-Month Training Plan

Hey everyone!

It’s Charlie again. I want to give you all an update on my progress and also write up my training schedule for The Spartan Race Beast, which is just under a month away. This training plan does not have to be specifically applied to Spartan Races and is most definitely an effective way to lose body fat. For those of you that have not seen, I have embarked on a fitness challenge to get in the best shape I possibly can.

Please feel free to copy my training regiment or even give me some advice. I have never run a Spartan Race and so it is always beneficial to hear from more experienced people. At the bottom of the blog you can download our FREE Spartan Race Training Plan. It gives you a 30-day program to get you in the best shape possible.

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Battle Of The Wearables Giveaway!

Win a Fitbit Ionic or an Apple Watch Series 3

Win a Fitbit Ionic or an Apple Watch Series 3

Fit-Tech Feature Of The Week – Fitbit Ionic

Every week our team picks a new and exciting fitness tech product or app that we recommend to readers of the Shape blog. We have used some of these products ourselves and the other products we feature, we are very excited to try.Continue Reading…

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